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The Benefits and Features of Frameless Folding Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless folding sliding glass doors have come to represent the ultimate in style and luxury. This is not surprising, given that frameless glass doors have so many advantages.

Frameless Glass Doors

Glass, especially in the thickness and configuration of frameless glass, is an extremely efficient noise inhibitor with a noise reduction of up to 11dB. This makes it perfect for external glass walls that face noisy roads and high traffic areas.

Frameless folding sliding glass doors provide uninterupted views, with no visible sight lines perfectly complementing modern architectural design. 

Frameless glass doors can also be incorporated seamlessly into existing architecture with minimal impact.

The slim construction of sliding glass doors and small stacking profile maximises your opening area allowing you to incorporate external entertainment spaces, maximising your available living space.

Some of the greatest benefits of frameless glass are low maintenance, high performance and energy saving protection from the elements.

Flexibility in glass panels sizes, allows for complete flexility in design and configuration. 

This also means that frameless glass doors can also be used to create internal spaces such as boardrooms.

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