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Advantages of Glass COVID-19 Office Safety Screens

COVID-19 has placed immense pressure on business owners around South Africa who are now faced with trying to adapt to the new safety regulations. 

Curved Safety Screens

It’s become a balancing act of reopening and protecting their livelihood while also protecting employees and customers.

Social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser are just some of the means used to prevent the spread of the virus, however, in an office space, their effectiveness is limited.

Protective glass safety screens

COVID-19 Protective Glass Bollards and Safety Glass

Chief scientific officer of the American Association of Medical Colleges, Ross McKinney, advises that to become infected you must reach a certain level of virus exposure. 

Therefore, the fewer virus particles on a surface, the lower the chance that someone touching it will become infected. 

However, not all surfaces are born equal. Some surfaces, like plastic, have shown to remain contaminated with COVID19 for up to 9 days, while glass has shown contamination levels for up to only 5 days.

Over the last few weeks, our safety glass specialists in Cape Town have been hard at work developing new and innovative ways to help business owners protect the wellbeing of their staff while still supporting their customer’s needs.

Toughened Glass - Coronavirus Screens

Toughened glass is a specialised material. It must be SABS certified and meet the highest standards in safety glass.

One of the common misconceptions regarding toughened glass is that it’s not safe for high-traffic retail settings. However, unlike plexiglass, toughened glass is much more transparent, durable, shatter-resistant, and doesn’t scratch easily. 

Plastic will scratch the moment the incorrect cleaning material and solvent is used. Additionally, certain cleaning solvents cause plastic to fog, sometimes after the very first clean. This can all be avoided by choosing to use tempered glass from the beginning.

Toughened glass undergoes a heating and cooling treatment that makes it 4 times stronger than regular glass. Furthermore, sharp edges are polished round preventing any injuries or cuts often caused but regular glass.

MIRON Frameless Glass Design - Desk Safety Toughened Glass Screens 

Below are just some of the benefits our glass specialists guarantee with our Desk Safety Toughened Glass Screens:

•    99% transparent and easier to clean than Plastic or Perspex sheeting. 
•    Improved, solid protection - plastic sheeting, is thin and light in weight, meaning it flexes easily and tends to bend even with a slight breeze, therefore compromising the intended protection.
•    Multipurpose design for office use - our Glass Protective Screens can be used as writing boards and can easily be cleaned after use.
•    Multipurpose design for restaurants – our free-standing floor glass partitions are installed between floor, but below ceiling and are perfect for offices and restaurants where they can be used to write the menu for day on.
•    We can supply Curve Safety Toughened/Tempered Glass with a Radius from 1M to any Radius.

MIRON Frameless Safety Glass Cape Town

MIRON’S Safety Toughened/ Tempered Glass Protective Sneeze Screens are designed to ensure everyone in the workplace is safe, and to ensure your business is following the social distancing in our workplace regulations.

Contact us and we’ll guide you step by step to determine the best materials for optimal durability, implementation, cleaning, and maintenance. Although both toughened glass and plexiglass can be used, when it comes to protection measures, the former has an edge. 

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