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Safety Glass Products » Single Safety Screens » Single Safety Screen (500x600)

Single Safety Screen (500x600)

Product Details

SS-5060CLR In Stock


COVID-19 Safety Screen

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(W) 500mm X (H) 600mm (H) 400mm X (W) 90mm

Material:   6mm, 100% safety toughened / tempered glass

This clear protective screen can be placed on any flat surface on your business counters and desks, home or school.

The COVID-19 safety screen is an attractive, transparent barrier to minimise transmission and meet Government health and safety guidelines.

  • Shields any desk
  • Business: e.g. Call-Centre, Reception area, boardroom, staffroom, tables
  • School: e.g. principal, teachers, learners
  • Home: e.g. Home office, kids’ tables
  • Helps prevent spread of Coronavirus Virus
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

Benefits of Glass Safety Screens

  • Much easier to clean than plastic, less susceptible to abrasive and caustic cleaning agents
  • Disinfects easier than plastic. (Plastic surfaces retain Coronavirus for up to 9 days)
  • Can be used as a writing board
  • Scratch resistant

MIRON is also very active installing between floor and below ceiling free standing floor Glass Partitions to suit offices including Restaurants.
MIRON can also supply Curved Safety Toughened/Tempered Glass with a Radius from 1M to any Radius in Curve.

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