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Virus Protection Screens & Sneeze Guards

Protective counter screen guards can be provided in a number of configurations for sales counter barriers during the Coronavirus pandemic as first-line protection against infection by COVID-19.

These glass shields enforce social distancing and minimise the potential for direct aerosol spray droplets carrying between staff and customer.

Benefits of Safety Glass Protective Screens

  • Glass safety screens are easier to sanitise and keep disinfected
  • Our protective counter screens are made from toughened safety glass - See the Video 
  • Chemical cleaning materials do not damage glass
  • Our tempered / toughened glass screens are cheaper than other materials such as perspex
  • Our safety screens are stylish and use quality fittings
  • Glass screens are a longer-lasting product and may also be recycled, unlike plastic screens which quickly end up in our landfills and oceans.


Types of COVID-19 Protective Safety Screens

Suspended / Hanging Safety Shields 

These are hung from available support above the counter using the convenient sockets at the top of the shield.

Foot-Mounted Bracket Screens

An alternative is to mount the safety shield on foot brackets directly onto the flat surface of the counter or desk.

Options include:

  • Single Safety Screens
  • 3 Sided Safety Screens
  • Corner or L-Shaped Safety Screens
  • Curved Safety Screens
  • X - Shaped Desk Partition Screens

Our foot-mounted safety screens all come with bottom aperture / letter box openings as standard.

Our counter safety screens are easy to install and a durable solution to businesses who want to reduce the risk of infection and to install a clear, physical screen to protect their employees and customers against virus spread through coughing or sneezing. 

These protective shields are ideal for countertop use in pharmacies, retail, shops, and reception areas.

These screens are available in standard sizes but we can customise a safety screen for you or even design something completely different for your needs.

Safety Screen Options